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Emulators for PlayStation, Wii, Sega Saturn, and more will be released in the App Store

Emulators for PlayStation, Wii, Sega Saturn, and more will be released in the App Store

After the change in rules App Store Which allowed distribution Simulators Of the older games, some apps of this type have already appeared in the store, such as Delta. Naturally, other developers are also announcing the availability of their own emulators in the near future.

As revealed to Me more By emulator developer Source, Joseph MattielloThe app team is working on a version for iOS. However, it is still necessary to check the app store rules before submitting the app for distribution, as well as correct issues and make some adjustments to respect the store's guidelines.

Would anyone like to see the source on the App Store?

The source goes beyond what Delta supports, it is also compatible with console games such as Play Station, Sega Saturn, Sega Genesis, Atari 2600, Nintendo Virtual that it Cube game. The developers are also working on adding support for Sega Dreamcastto PlayStation 2Among others.

However, the exact date when the emulator will be available for iOS has not been announced. The application has been around since 2013, and since 2016, it has been possible to download it on iPhones and Apple TV devices outside of the App Store, through Side loading. One point of interest is whether Apple will consider video games like the Wii and GameCube “legacy” games — the only games whose apps can be emulated in order to be accepted under the company's rules.


Another emulator that may have a version for iOS is PPSSPPIt is compatible with video games BSP. According to the developersThe app should hit the App Store later this year – if the program is allowed to access ROM/ISO files. to MacRumorsApple said this would be permissible, leaving only the question of whether Apple would consider the PSP a legacy console.

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It is worth noting that downloading and distributing these files constitutes a violation of your intellectual property rights, so only officially released games from independent developers, such as those found in Beer Center. However, Apple will allow such discs to be used indirectly, although the practice is not entirely correct.