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End of the year with Japanese flavors at the first dawn of 2024

End of the year with Japanese flavors at the first dawn of 2024

The calendar does not give a break and the end of the year is approaching by leaps and bounds. Don't let yourself be surprised and start thinking about the welcome dinner for 2024. We leave you with a suggestion that can be delivered at home, with a Japanese accent and flavours.

Hey Hatsuhinode (初日の出), which literally means “the first (Hatsu) dawn (hinode)”, is one of the Japanese New Year customs, and is seen as a sign of hope for the new year that is beginning. It has been like this since time immemorial. When they sanctify the first dawn of the year, the Japanese believe that they will be blessed with abundance and happiness brought by a very special god, Toshigami- Sama (年神様).

Inspired by the logo of this Japanese deity, Ikeda Japanese Kitchen from Porto also aims to bring joy and good spirit to its customers' homes on New Year's Eve. like? Prepare a set of parts belovedspecially designed to celebrate the arrival of 2024, is available exclusively for the service Away.

Shall we go to the list? Nothing is more fitting for this moment than a compact shogatsu – as the Japanese New Year is commonly called – which includes some rolls best seller From Ikeda, such as Ibiten Uramaki (seaweed roll, rice, avocado, shrimp tempura, mayonnaise and roe) or Ikeda Uramaki (rolled in rice, tuna, shrimp tempura, tobiko roe, chives, sesame, Japanese mayonnaise and teriyaki).

In total, 30 pieces worth 80 euros await you, and special types of gunkan, nigiri toro and chotoro or hosomaki bluefin tuna will also shine here, among other options. And if you get thirsty, you can always opt for one or more of their signature cocktails, such as a Matcha Collins (see photo gallery) or a Midori Sour, to name just two of Ikeda's.

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As for desserts, because we want 2024 to be an auspicious year that “melts in your mouth”, we suggest using fondant de chocolate (see photo gallery) for a New Year's dessert.

If you prefer to prepare your meal to welcome the new year, you can do so by referring to the menu Away From Ikeda. The most important thing to remember is that New Year's Eve orders must be placed by the end of the day on December 30 to be delivered the next day, between 7pm and 8:30pm.

In the Land of the Rising Sun, shogatsu traditions serve to express gratitude for the past year and attract luck and prosperity for the coming year. How about infusing yourself with the Japanese spirit, and savoring the delicacies served by Ikeda, which opened in July 2017 with the promise of being an extension of Japan in Porto.

Agaldo Ferreira, a Brazilian chef passionate about Japanese culture and gastronomy, is Ikeda's mentor, committed to creating a place of reference in Invicta, which would do justice to the traditions of Japanese gastronomy, characterize the eclecticism of this gastronomy and challenge the taste buds of the Japanese. Those who visit it can taste typical dishes that go beyond sushi, although this is also on the restaurant's menu.

Away: Orders via 915499363; Home delivery: Deliveries made via B'need or UberEats