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Endocrinologist Lists 10 Reasons Not to Place a Hormone Chip | capital Cities

Subcutaneous hormonal implants, commonly known as cosmetic chips, have appeared on the market as an alternative to “restore the balance of the organism”. Generally made up of testosterone, estradiol, progesterone, and testrinone, the device is often placed in the buttock area using general anesthesia.

According to advocates of the tool, the item promotes fat loss and increases lean mass. The remedy is highly demanded by “middle-aged” women, who suffer from decreased production of estrogen and progesterone. This decrease in the hormone can cause depression, hot flashes, weight gain, sagging skin, short-term memory lapses, and irritability, among other conditions.

Despite the promises of hormonal implants, many experts are still reluctant to recommend them to patients. It’s an endocrinologist’s case Daniela de Paiva Amaralconfirming the lack of concrete studies to indicate the device and the uncertainty about its long-term side effects.

hormonal implantation

Next, the doctor lists 10 reasons not to have a “cosmetic chip”:

1- Manipulating hormones

According to the specialist, although the word “chip” refers to something technological, the implant is, in fact, a small silicone tube that is implanted into the subcutaneous tissue.

“It consists of manipulated hormones. The big problem with this manipulation is that there is no guarantee as to the quality and origin of these substances, as well as the doses and how they are released into the woman’s circulation: if it is an irregular release, if there are large periods. And the amounts of the hormone in the cycle are excitable. Blood clots or periods of low amounts of these hormones.

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2 – unwanted and irreversible side effects

For Daniela, in most cases, female implants consist of testrinone, a hormone with an androgenic effect, that is, it increases testosterone levels in the circulatory system.

“However, we do have unwanted side effects, such as increased acne, oily skin and hair, and some irreversible effects, such as deepening of the voice and enlargement of the clitoris,” says the doctor.

Acne can arise due to high levels of testosterone in the circulation

3 – Cardiovascular risks

According to the endocrinologist, more serious side effects have already been seen in women who use subcutaneous implants, such as an increase in LDL cholesterol, which causes plaques in the arteries, and a decrease in HDL cholesterol, which is protective. “With this, the risk of cardiovascular disease increases in women who use it,” he warns.

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Daniela also cites the increase in blood clots due to hormonal influence, which can endanger lives; As well as low bone mineral density, which may lead to osteoporosis and fractures from future falls.

4- Breast, ovarian or endometrial cancer

There are still no efficacy and safety studies showing side effects of chips. However, the specialist recalls that they are associated with increased testosterone, and may even lead to breast and ovarian cancer, or endometrial cancer due to the antagonistic action of progestogens.

“We will only know in the future when there is more time to use it. Implants are still relatively new in medicine,” he says.

What is behind hormonal implants?

5- Biased research

Daniela reiterates that studies on this topic are still small and old, and that they have been done with oral gestrinone to treat endometriosis. In the subcutaneous setting, this research was done by the implant creators, which points out scientific biases that do not guarantee safety and efficacy.

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6 – Increase the imaginary muscle mass

Although the hormonal slide is a bet on losing weight and increasing lean mass, according to the doctor, this may not happen if the woman does not engage in vigorous physical activity, such as bodybuilding, functional or High intensity fitness programme. “So there isn’t always a small group gain,” he says.

7 – weight gain

The endocrinologist comments that many women aim to lose weight, but what she has seen are patients, sometimes gaining a lot of weight. “There is a frequent demand for a slimming treatment here in the office,” he justifies.

Daniela notices that patients gain weight instead of losing weight with chips

8 – the element “libido”

For professionals, libido can be increased with the use of hormonal implants, but not necessarily. “We know that female sexual desire is multifactorial, meaning there are several factors involved, and the hormonal issue is just one of them,” he says.

9-gestrinone as a stimulant

The doctor explains that, currently, the World Anti-Doping Federation considers gastrinone to be an anabolic substance. “And Brazil’s Ministry of Health has already asked Anvisa to include testrenone in List C5, the country’s list of anabolic substances,” he adds.

“Soon we may have a ban on the sale of these hormonal implants, or even more precise indications, which we do not yet have for their use,” assures Daniela.

10 – Contraception is not guaranteed

According to the specialist, the chips do not guarantee contraception for women of childbearing age who use them. Therefore, they need to use another method of contraception to avoid pregnancy.

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