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Energy Crisis, Statkraft |  Statkraft fears an energy crisis this winter

Energy Crisis, Statkraft | Statkraft fears an energy crisis this winter

There is a real danger of gas rationing in Germany, and it is not certain that they will export electricity to Norway this winter, fears the CEO of Statkraft.

There is an increased risk that there could be problems importing enough electricity to Norway if it should dry up the rest of the year, says Statkraft CEO Christian Renning Tonsen to Aftenposten.

Cash stems from electricity exports – this is how Statkraft . responds

He stresses that the danger of gas rationing in Germany is real.

We take this into account when operating our power plants.

This comes a few days after the Minister of Energy declared his concern about high energy exports, and the possibility of electricity rationing for the winter due to the possibility of running out of water tanks.

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TDespite the threat of water shortages this winter, Norway’s electricity exports have been in full swing. Despite the fact that Statnett has raised the risk level for electricity rationing to yellow for the whole of southern Norway, exports have continued. And Germans in particular are the ones who buy Norwegian electricity.

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But despite the historically low level in tanks Statkraft thinks requiring minimal filling in Norwegian tanks is a bad idea, Rynning-T√łnnesen is skeptical.

If we have to fill our magazines with more than we think we should, they will overflow if there is a rainy autumn. Then we’ll lose a lot of water, he says.

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Severe contradictions in the electricity of Norway: – The price will rise sharply

Instead, he wants the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Department to follow closely with energy producers.

He says the reason electricity prices are soaring now in the middle of summer is that the whole of Europe is filling up its stockpile.

Everyone is now holding off on their energy to get enough for the winter.