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Engineer Paulinho holds a Ph.D. in Objective Science

Engineer Paulinho holds a Ph.D. in Objective Science

Paulinho says he had difficulties finding a club when he jumped into formation. But in his career, which ended in the junior club Merlini, he passed through Sporting de Braga, Vesela and other clubs. What happened that he does not settle, with the quality that he offers, for example, in Braga, where did he come from?

I was at Sporting de Braga once, but I was a kid too and things didn’t happen and at the time I was fired. I’ve been to clubs here and there, and in my last years of training I was at Merelinense, in Braga.

It went well, he was a striker with goals. In my last junior year, I had an injury that disabled me a little bit, but it was still a good season. I don’t really know the numbers, but I remember scoring some good goals.

Halfway through that time, I had a move-out proposal to Gil Vicente and spoke with my directors, Merelinense, who promised me that I would stay in the seniors. And I thought my first big year in the Portuguese championship wouldn’t be a bad thing.

But things in football are not what we expected and there are a lot of lies. They ended up not even talking to me at the end of the season. I left Merelinense and what seemed to me to be São Paio D’Arcos, from the region, and embraced the project with great pride.

He scored many goals for Sao Bayou d’Arcos.

Yes, it ended up working. Maybe, if I were staying in Merelinense, things wouldn’t go the way they used to, but those are different things.

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