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England: - Postponing the opening of its doors

England: – Postponing the opening of its doors

In just a week, England was due to remove all restrictions imposed to control the Corona pandemic.

There is now uncertainty over what Prime Minister Boris Johnson will announce at Monday night’s press conference.

The reason is the sharp increase in the spread of the delta type of coronavirus.

Many British media, among others times And the BBC The government is reported to be considering postponing the full reopening of up to four weeks.

On Saturday, Boris Johnson himself spoke, not promising to fully reopen on June 21, as he had done before.

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Increased fear of acceptance

The government has recently come under pressure to postpone the planned reopening date. Several health leaders have warned, among other things, of a potential wave of new hospitalizations.

British health authorities The delta variant (the Indian mutation) is thought to be 30 to 70 percent more contagious than the alpha variant (the British mutation), and people with the former may have a 2.61-times risk of hospitalization.

The latest official figures appear according to BBC Nearly 30,000 new registrants infected with the delta variant last week. This now accounts for 90 percent of cases.

In total, just over 41 million of the UK’s population of 68 million have started vaccination. Just over 29 million people have been vaccinated.

Facing the channel, Vaccines Minister Nadim Zahawi said the government knows it must be careful to avoid “the war they fought against the virus in vain.”

– We know that the virus has not disappeared, and that it will try to mutate. The delta variant is more contagious and more dangerous for those affected. So, we have to be careful.

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– No decision has been made

to me Sky NewsReferring to anonymous sources, it is expected that the Prime Minister will want to facilitate some procedures for certain events.

However, distance rules, the reopening of nightclubs and other cultural events must remain in the balance in light of recent developments.

Since it often takes some time from a confirmed infection to the need for hospital treatment, the health service has not yet noticed the impact of the recent surge in infections.

All media reports that no decisions have been taken regarding any relief so far.

Johnson himself confirmed this on Saturday.


at An interview with Sky News Johnson says the spread of the delta variant is worrisome, but at the same time cautions against comparing the spread the UK is seeing now, with previous waves of infection.

– What we are definitely witnessing is an increase in the number of cases and an increase in the number of those accepted. But the context has changed drastically only because of the large number of people who have been vaccinated, especially the elderly and those at risk.

He does not want to promise a full reopening, as per plan, but says the UK will hardly re-enforce previous measures.

— What I can say is that researchers agree on one thing — they don’t think there is any reason to go back, says Johnson.