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England will host Euro 2028 but was available to

England will host Euro 2028 but was available to

The European Football Association (UEFA) announced on Tuesday that the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland will be the two countries Hosts for the 2028 edition of the European Championship, which means, as a rule, that these five teams – England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland and Wales – already have a guaranteed presence in the final stage of the competition. However, England wants to change this scenario.

After these elections, Mark Bullingham, President of the English Federation, came out to conduct the test, to show the extent of the English team’s readiness to participate in the qualifying qualifiers for Euro 2028, contradicting the usual scenario and placing the assumption of other countries on his shoulders. Table Do the same thing.

“From our point of view, it will be positive to be part of the qualifying stage and we want everyone to do that [os países anfitriões] Involved. At this stage, we are still in the negotiation phase with other countries and UEFA. “We consider that, in light of the new format of European football, this would be the best solution.”

As for the European Football Association (UEFA), it has not yet taken any official position on this possibility, but the international press says that the body that governs European football is putting on the table the possibility of “returning” two of the five host teams after the qualifying stage. .

Remember that UEFA, in addition to Euro 2028, also announced Hosts of Euro 2032In this case Italy and Turkey.

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