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Entities unite to expand influenza vaccination in Telêmaco Borba

Entities unite to expand influenza vaccination in Telêmaco Borba

Some civil society entities have begun to move to help with the influenza (influenza) vaccination campaign. UniFateb is holding today (26), from 5pm-8pm, ImUNIFATEB.

The measure, which is being implemented in partnership with the Municipal Health Secretariat (SMS), aims to vaccinate teachers, staff and academics. The vaccination will take place in Room 16 of UniFateb. It is important that everyone vaccinating takes a vaccination card and CPF.

On Thursday (25), vaccination took place inside the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. There is still an expectation of vaccination procedures in Aposta as well as in JSL.

The initiatives came after the meeting held on the 19th, where support was requested from bodies, civil society and society to take actions that could contribute to improving coverage of influenza vaccination. Several demands have arisen, including UniFateb’s off-the-wall vaccination procedure, scheduled for the 26th, in partnership with the Education and SMS Foundation, explained Marlize Marcondis, chief of public health.

Marlies also highlights the importance of expanding vaccination points outside health units. Out-of-the-walls vaccination aims to reach a group of users who are often unable to go to a health unit to receive the vaccine. He said that it is a very important work for health, as it contributes to the growth of vaccination rates and thus to reducing the incidence of diseases.

The SMS indicates that as of May 26, even in the face of countless measures and efforts, influenza vaccination coverage has only reached 47.92% of priority groups.