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Environmental watchdog warns of summer care with dengue fever

Environmental watchdog warns of summer care with dengue fever

To raise awareness and eliminate potential breeding grounds for the Aedes Aegypti mosquito, which transmits dengue, Zika and Chikungunya, during this week teams from the Balneário Cambori City Hall Environmental Monitoring Authority are inspecting businesses, homes and condominiums in the Praias Agrestes and Centro neighborhoods. According to Environmental Monitoring Director Eliane Guedes, extreme heat, combined with frequent rains, increases breeding sites. Therefore, residents should double the care in the summer.

To avoid the spread of mosquitoes, it is important for residents to be aware of the accumulation of water in containers scattered in dwellings. All tanks should be closed, gutters should be cleaned frequently and empty bottles should be upside down. In addition, it is essential to keep backyards always clean and to avoid insect infestations.

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Balneário Camboriú this week recorded the first case of dengue fever in the municipality, in 2022. It is an imported case, that is, contracted outside the city. To date, there are 109 outbreaks of mosquitoes scattered in Balneário Cambori neighborhoods.

The Environmental Monitoring Team responds to complaints submitted to the municipal ombudsman, by phone (47) 3267-7024, 0800644 3388, or WhatsApp (47) 99982-1979.

How is a case of dengue fever confirmed?

To confirm the diagnosis of dengue fever, in addition to evaluating the symptoms presented by the person, laboratory tests are performed. From this point of view, the doctor can check the type of virus and thus determine the most appropriate treatment for the person. Therefore, if you feel the symptoms of dengue fever, it is recommended that you go to the emergency room for diagnostic tests, and thus treatment begins,” explains the Director of Epidemiological Surveillance, Adriana Rodriguez.

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The exam is collected at the municipal laboratory and then sent to the Central Public Health Laboratory (LACEN) for analysis. In the event of a positive result, epidemiological surveillance activates the municipal program to combat dengue, which isolates the surroundings in which the infected person lives.

The main symptoms of dengue fever are: a rise in temperature, from 39 ° C to 40 ° C, with a sudden onset. Headache; weakness; body pain; Joint pain; Pain in the back of the eyes. According to director Adriana, symptoms usually appear after the third day of the mosquito bite. Treatment is usually oral or intravenous hydration, medication, and rest.