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Epidemiological bulletin: Kurumba accounts for more than 1,300 positive cases of dengue

Epidemiological bulletin: Kurumba accounts for more than 1,300 positive cases of dengue

Leonardo Cabral on July 24, 2023

Anderson Gallo / Diario Corumbaense

The city accounts for just over 4.1 reported cases

Guatos district continues to lead with positive and reported cases of dengue fever in Kurumba. In this region alone, there are nearly 500 probable cases and 169 people already diagnosed with the disease, according to data from the epidemiological bulletin of the municipal health department, issued on Monday, July 24, which marks the 28th epidemiological week.

In all, Guatós has 496 probable cases out of the 4,131 already reported in Corumbá. Soon after, Christ the Redeemer comes with 485 and Maria Leti with 377.

In terms of confirmed dengue cases, Cristo Redentor is second with 167 people and Popular Nova is third with 128 people. There were 1,367 positive cases in 2023, with no record of deaths.

Women lead in reported cases, at 52%; Men show up at 48%. People between the ages of 20 and 29 receive the most notifications for dengue fever, at 981.

Mato Grosso do Sul has 48,319 probable cases of dengue. 36,258 confirmed cases and 33 deaths, according to a survey by the state health department.

dengue fever

Experts say that 10 minutes a day is enough for every resident to look at his home and backyards and eliminate places that serve as breeding areas, which prevents mosquitoes from breeding in these places, especially with stagnant water, such as tires, bottles, garbage accumulation, and others.

Dengue is not transmitted from person to person. Transmission occurs through the bite of the Aedes aegypti mosquito. Therefore, the health authorities reinforce the importance of the population being an ally of prevention measures.

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The main symptom is a high fever. severe muscle pain; pain when moving the eyes; malaise; Lack of appetite, headache and red spots on the body.

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