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Eric Adams wins the New York primary - and likely the city's new mayor - VG

Eric Adams wins the New York primary – and likely the city’s new mayor – VG

Possible new job: Former police officer Eric Adams has experience in politics – but is likely to land a new job as mayor of the city that never sleeps. Photo: Mary Altaffer/AP

After several days of counting the votes, it looks like New York City will likely get former police officer Eric Adams as its new mayor.


Writes The Associated Press and many US media outlets until Wednesday evening.

The Democratic primary was held on June 22 – and because the city usually only votes for Democratic candidates – the November election likely won’t change the outcome.

Former police officer Eric Adams won voters in Brooklyn and the Bronx in particular and went to the polls with promises to change everything from school lunch offerings to preventative action in the justice system targeting children and young adults.

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If the win ends in November, Adams will take over as mayor after Bill de Blasio.

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new system

It was the first time New York had used a ranked vote in a municipal election. And it took time to get results.

On Tuesday, Adams led by more than 8,400 votes, over Catherine Garcia, who was previously responsible for health conditions in the city.

– Although there are still too few votes to count, the result is clear: a diverse historic coalition led by working-class people has given us victory in the primaries, says a statement.

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In the statement, Adams says he ran as a candidate to improve conditions for those who are struggling and who have not been given what they deserve, and for all who want a safe and just future for all New Yorkers.

In the week before the election, New Yorkers could vote in advance. Photo: Camilla S. Bergland / VG

Adams served in the police force for 22 years before devoting himself to politics, first to Democrats, then for four years to Republicans, before returning to Democrats.

The 60-year-old co-founded an organization of black police officers. Today, he is the mayor of the Brooklyn District, which has a population of just over 2.5 million and is the most populous area in New York City.

Many candidates

His strongest rivals are Garcia, who portrayed himself as a technocratic problem solver, and lawyer Maya Wiley, who previously worked with de Blasio and received support from the party’s left wing.

Andrew Yang, who ran for president in 2020, was an early candidate, but quickly withdrew when voting began.