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Eriksen loses consciousness and is left on a stretcher.  You are stable and conscientious.  The match resumed at 7:30 pm - Observer

Eriksen loses consciousness and is left on a stretcher. You are stable and conscientious. The match resumed at 7:30 pm – Observer

The best way to describe what happened for the long minutes in Barkin Stadium is to write to press for votes and try to trace the truth that no one wanted to see in words: the ones that were the most emotional confrontations coming from the stands, with more support from thousands of people from both countries together in the same sectors Silent. In complete silence. With claps in the middle, again in silence.

With less than five minutes to go before the break, in a match in Denmark’s offensive midfield on the left side of the attack, Christian Eriksen was receiving the ball. Again, or the whole Northman game didn’t work out. fell. Out of nowhere, I fell. Even worse, it was not realized by the meeting that the protocol for this kind of situation should come into force. This part has been resolved, and the tragedy of uncertainty remains.

For long minutes, Eriksen was revived by the medical team, was always protected from his teammates, and even the coach got close to better understand what was going on as the referee spoke with elements of the two delegations. All his teammates except one, Kasper Schmeichel, who went to comfort the player’s girlfriend, who was on the field and came down to the field in tears realizing the seriousness of everything that was happening.

Sabrina Kvist Jensen, named after Eriksen, comforted by Kasper Schmeichel

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Eriksen was ushered off the field on a stretcher, with his teammates from Denmark around, to applause from those in attendance. The Finnish team and the English refereeing team led by Anthony Taylor had already retired to the dressing room, after UEFA confirmed the match was suspended. Emptiness, anxiety and despair remained. Tears, many tears, from players to fans. Everyone gathered there for a party that turned into a dramatic moment.

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Christian was taken to the hospital. We will provide more information at 6:45 pm,” the stadium spokesperson told the fans at 6:25 pm. Some foreign publications traced the information that was already circulating on social media that the midfielder had already left aware of the Parkin Stadium, As you can see in one of the photos Eriksen is ventilated but with his eyes open and his head slightly raised.. After emergency medical assistance was provided to Christian Eriksen, an emergency meeting was held with both teams and officers. UEFA confirmed that the player had been transferred and stabilized.” Later, there was also information that, given the health of the midfielder, the match will resume at 19:30.

“Christian Eriksen is awake and in stable physical condition. He remains in hospital in Rigshospitalet for further tests. The match against Finland will end tonight, after the players confirmed that Christian is fine”, confirmed the Danish Football Association. “I don’t know much, but I heard the gospel. I just spoke to his father [de Eriksen], who told me he could breathe and speak,” added Martin Schutz, the Danish midfielder’s manager at Inter.