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Espinho Benfica National Volleyball Championship

Espinho Benfica National Volleyball Championship

the Benfica He won 2-3 on the trip to SC Espinho, on Saturday, December 18, in a match indicating the second round of the second stage of the Series A National Volleyball Championship. A duel in which Marcel Matz’s team had difficulties due to competitive wear, but at the time of the decision, their experience and quality were higher.

Grid dominators, meticulous at reception, led by Marcel Matz He led the first group, quickly reaching 7-11. Tigers coach Nuno Coelho stopped the match and tried to counter the advantage of Benfica more aggressively towards the net, especially in the penalty area, but Red attack kept partial advantageFor, although the house gradually improved and gave a good answer. the 0-1 arrived with 22-25, after two errors from SC Espinho in the attack.

the SC Espinho’s response, benefited from Benfica errors Early in the group, he went 6-3 into the second half. Always ahead, the home team kept the Eagles in trouble. At the age of 20-16, Marcel Matz still tried, with a second time, to fight for the set, but 25-19 allowed him to tie the match 1-1.

the Benfica started well in the third set e Comfortably ordered from start to finish, access to 1-2 Thanks part of 14-25. Speed ​​in attack, with the Eagles making few mistakes, made the difference. In the The next group SC Espinho once again gained the upper hand. Taking advantage of the red attack’s failure and greater effectiveness in the block, the visited hit 16-11. Benfica responded, even 20-20, but Parreira’s corresponding inspiration was decisive for 25-23, and create 2-2.

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In black, in the crucial part, the . file Benfica’s experience and quality came to the fore.. Positive mass, powerful attacks and aggressive services decided the group, common 9-15 And the winner of the duel 2-3. Benfica will play again on Sunday, December 19, at Pavilhão nº 2 da Luz, at 7 pm, against Castêlo da Maia, in the match that counts for the third round of the second stage of the Series A of the National Volleyball Championship.


Marcel Matz (Benfica coach): “A difficult match, the fourth set Parreira played very well, scored 10 points, was physically strong and was difficult to score. The match was good, the tournament balanced, with high particles. It is always difficult to play away from home, SC Espinho pressed Sending and creating problems, that’s good for the tournament.

Espinho – Benfica
Espinio Sport Ship
Benfica’s first training

Rafa, Thiago Violas, Peter Wolfie, Aaru Nicola, Lucas Franca, Jabba and Evo Casas (left)

Bernardo Westermann, Zilao, Hugo Gaspar, Andre Lopez, Eduardo Brito, Bernardo Silva (left) and Pablo Natan
1.ºset 2.ºset 3.º set 4.º set 5.ºset
22-25 25-19 14-25 25-23 9-15