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Espionage case, United Kingdom |  A former soldier suspected in a spy case is found dead in the park

Espionage case, United Kingdom | A former soldier suspected in a spy case is found dead in the park

On Sunday, a passerby called emergency services after coming across a dead man along the road in a park in the British town of Maidenhead.

Police and ambulance rushed to the scene, but the man's life could not be saved.

On Tuesday, Thames Valley Police in Great Britain came out with one press release The death is being investigated as suspicious. So Trickett was sent to auction.

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At the scene, the police set up a black tent over the place where the 37-year-old was found, and the surrounding area was cordoned off.

The deceased, Matthew Trickett, was 37 years of age, a man of a somewhat private background.

The family is in mourning

He was previously a sea hunter in the British Naval Hunter Command. He had to appear in court last week on charges of endangering national security.

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In a statement issued by the Trickett family, they said they were saddened by the loss of their beloved son, brother and family member.

We would be grateful if the press would respect our privacy during this difficult time and not disturb us in our grieving process, the statement said. BBC.

The 37-year-old man's lawyer, Julian Hayes, told the BBC that he was shocked when he received news of his death, and that he and other lawyers would do everything they could to support his family.

Suspected spy

In May, Trickett was charged with breaching national security legislation, along with two others. The three were accused of assisting a foreign intelligence service.

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More specifically to Hong Kong's intelligence service.

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Police said at the time of laying the charges that although the alleged crimes were “concerning”, there was not believed to be any wider threat to the public. Sky News.

According to the newspaper, it was alleged that between December 20 and May 2, the trio agreed to conduct information gathering, surveillance and fraud, likely to assist a foreign intelligence service.

As well as breaking into a British address on May 1.

The three were due to appear in court on Friday, after being released on bail in May.

According to Agence France-Presse, the Chinese Foreign Commissioner in Hong Kong condemned Britain for inventing accusations of “malicious intent to interfere” in Hong Kong affairs, he wrote. Berlingsky.