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Espírito Santo had more than 13,000 dengue cases in 2021

Espírito Santo had more than 13,000 dengue cases in 2021

Espirito Santo recorded 13,220 dengue cases from January to October this year. The data can be found in the weekly bulletin released by the Nucleus Environmental Monitoring Team, from the Department of Health (Sesa), this Friday (12).

The bulletin also reports the occurrence of Chikungunya and Zika. 2,879 and 847 cases were confirmed, respectively, in the same period.

The role of the population in controlling the Aedes aegypti mosquito is fundamental, with 80% of outbreaks taking place in homes.

“The most effective way to reduce the density of Aedes aegypti vectors and thus prevent disease transmission is to control mosquito infestations by eliminating insufficient water sediment. Residents should perform a weekly checklist in their homes, cleaning gutters, plant pots, water tanks, etc. fifteen minutes per week. enough to do that care,” explained Environmental Watch biologist, Luana Moratti.

preventive action

Sesa provides technical assistance to municipalities, and supervises, monitors and evaluates vector control procedures, as well as manages the state’s stockpile of pesticides and larvicides used in their elimination procedures.

According to veterinarian Luciana Simonetti of the Technical Vector Control District in Sisa, one of the methods used to prevent the spread of vectors is the use of the insecticide, which is intended to eliminate Aedes aegypti (a vector of diseases such as dengue, Zika and chikungunya).

“It is important to emphasize that this measure should only be used to prevent transmission and control outbreaks. In order to eliminate mosquito eggs, potential breeding sites must be suppressed, which mainly occurs through measures of removal, destruction or sealing of objects that could become mosquito breeding sites, with reference to the use of larvicides in exceptional cases,” he said.

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One of the measures that Sesa has implemented for prevention is the municipal monitoring of health education.