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Estoril-Vezela highlights: Successful card from Pablo Villar

Estoril-Vezela highlights: Successful card from Pablo Villar

Dylan’s entry proved to be a successful move for Pablo Villar, who found in French the key to saving a draw for Visela in Amoreira.

Best in the field – Dylan:

A hit from your coach. The Frenchman came on in the 75th minute to revolutionize the match, and in a short time, he showed that he wanted to be the protagonist, trying to adapt the opponent’s defense with decisive actions… and saving the best for last with a fine goal. A header earned him a hard-earned team point.

The most important landmarks of Estoril

As happened in the previous rounds, it was not because of their creative units that Estoril did not achieve its goal of victory: Rafik Gittani and Joao Márquez, who played in support of the attacking reference Casiano, had the most influence on the attack. Game Canary Islands He had a direct intervention in the two goals scored – the Frenchman scored 1-0 with a good individual initiative and the Portuguese crossed in a beautiful style. TrivellaTo score the second goal for Amoreira.

The change in tactical scheme gave the wingers a chance, which seemed to suit Rodrigo Gomez perfectly, the original winger who had space to attack and whose back was well covered by Bernardo Vitale, the centre-back on the right flank who almost scored a decent goal. , from the head. In midfield, Jordan Holsgrove took on the task of building Estoril’s game alongside Matheus Fernandes.

Vizella’s most notable works

With faith and spirit, Visela saved a point from an afternoon match in Amoreira that had become difficult, thanks to a very successful bet from Pablo Vilar from the bench: Mendes and Dylan were decisive. The two players, who took the lead in the final minutes, shared the main role in scoring the equalizer: Mendes showed accuracy in the corner and did not ask Dylan to head the decisive goal.

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Before the entry of this duo, the most notable were Mathias Lacava, who was always uncommitted and very mobile on the attacking wings, and Essende, who revealed his skills as a man in the penalty area in the rotation which allowed him to add more goal to his personal account. Defensively, Matheus Pereira was the best man, bravely facing duels with Rodrigo Gomez and also providing important assists to the centre-backs, Bruno Wilson and Anderson.