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Ethereum competitors will die in one year, only 3 of them will survive and rise in value, experts say

Ethereum competitors will die in one year, only 3 of them will survive and rise in value, experts say

although Cryptocurrency Ethereum competitors (ETH) has been greatly appreciated since last year for specialists in Crypto assets And one of the most famous traders in the market, Psychological AltcoinAnd This is just hype that will end and cause many investors to lose money.

And according to a new publication by the analyst, investors and much of the press, They underestimate Ethereum’s ability to remain relevant in the crypto market despite the launch of several competitors.

Moreover, he notes that the hype surrounding the “Ethereum killer” is not new and has been continuing since the launch of ETH. It indicates that throughout history several Cryptocurrency were born To kill Ethereum, it gained a lot of interest but then gave up and became less important in the market.

In this course he refers to cryptocurrencies like you can see (TRX), Ethereum Classic (etc.), Tezos (XTZ) And corn.

“People severely underestimate the ability of ETH to move vertically under the right macro conditions.”

The strategist notes that most of the current Ethereum “killers” are not fully developed and released, While ETH already has years of history and is the main platform that developers launch products on As was the case with decentralized exchanges (DEX) , Markets NFTsthe protocols for NFTs and the decentralized finance themselves (DeFi).

“I would say we have at most a year before the first layer of copy and paste becomes zero. With their death, the focus will move to ETH just in time for the merger, which has yet to be priced, in my opinion,” he said.

Only 3 of them will last and their value will increase

However, for the analyst, 3 Ethereum platforms should remain competing and see their value increase. According to him, this is because these platforms have already shown some of their value and the future of the crypto ecosystem will be multi-chain.

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In this line, he notes that the survivors who helped Ethereum build the future of blockchain applications are Solana (the sun), Avalanche (fax) and Cosmos (corn)

“Also for what it’s worth, I don’t consider Solana, Avalanche, or Cosmos to be coins that are going to die… I think the multi-chain future… I think there is a lot of junk that has been removed this year, and a lot of that money is going to flow into ETH.”

The analyst also highlights Ethereum’s shift from Proof of Work (POW).PoWProof of Stake (PoS) can not only act as a catalyst to help raise the price of ETH, but also help with Layer 2 solutions built on ETH.

“What can we do with the information if we are bullish on ETH? Well, if ETH is doing well, you know that the layer 2 platforms on top of ETH are likely to do very well.”

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