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Baleia de Ethereum compra R$ 560 milhões em cinco altcoins

Ethereum Whale bought 560 million Brazilian Real in five altcoins

One of the largest whales in the world Ethereum (ETH) Looking forward to the altcoin market. According to WhaleStats data, the large investor has already invested $100, or R$560 million at the current price. The goal is five popular cryptocurrencies:

  • FTX token (FTT);
  • polygon (matic);
  • AAVE.
  • chainlink (link);
  • Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC).

As revealed by WhaleStats, the anonymous investor owns a total of $17 billion (R$95.7 billion). The Site does not indicate whether it is an individual investor, a large corporation, or a stock exchange. However, the volume of individual purchases was quite expressive.

All purchases were made on Friday (7). According to the WhaleStats ranking, Whale ranks 557th among the richest ETH investors.


first whale acquired 1,408,969 FTT Tokens. The total at the time of purchase amounted to 49 million US dollars, approximately 277 million Brazilian reals. One second transaction It states that the investor purchased an additional 1,049,990 FTTs worth $36.51 million.

Also bought a whale 4.250.000 mate In the amount of 8.79 million US dollars, or approximately 49.8 million Brazilian reals. MATIC is the token of the Polygon network, which acts as a second layer of ETH.

The investor is also betting heavily on best DEFI crypto (DeFi), with a investment $3.67 million in the purchase of 17,893 tokens from the AAVE network. The network focuses on providing loans and income in cryptocurrency.

On his fifth transaction, the whale turned his eyes – and his wallet – to chainlink (link). The purchase was for 61,401 LINK tokens worth 1.53 million USD, or 8.67 million R$.

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Finally, the Ethereum whale also bought Bitcoin (BTC), but not the original cryptocurrency. Instead, he got 43 Bitcoin (WBTC) fileand paid $1.8 million. WBTC is a crypto asset representing BTC on the Ethereum network. It is currently one of the most used tokens on the network, especially in the DeFi market.

In total, the whale spent $101.3 million on the purchase of the five cryptocurrencies. Big purchases were made amid the sharp devaluation that hit all cryptocurrencies. For example, BTC fell below $40,000 on Monday (10), which opened up many buying opportunities.

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