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EU approves one charging port within days, and will Apple give up?

There has been a lot of talk about an important change that the European Union is preparing for the world of smartphones and even tablets. It wants to standardize charging ports and will definitely use open and wide standards in the market.

This results in a USB port selection, with final approval due within days. This was a predictable reality that left a question in the air. Will Apple really have to give up, or will there be exceptions?

The topic is not new and has been discussed on several fronts for a long time. The European Union wants to take a more active role in the smartphone market and, therefore, is preparing to agree to a measure that will determine which charging port these devices should have.

The big news now is that this moment has to be right around the corner, with all that that will entail. The latest information indicates that a standard for this type of charging interface will be discussed and adopted on June 7.

Apple interfaces with EU charging port

Sources close to this topic open Next Tuesday, June 7, a meeting of the various parliamentary blocs is scheduled and this will be a topic for discussion. A final decision is also expected that day.

The proposal for a single portable charging port was addressed by the European Commission more than a decade ago after iPhone and Android users complained of having to use different chargers for their smartphones.

Apple interfaces with EU charging port

In addition to the EU's bottom line, there are high expectations about it for a simple reason. If this suggestion goes ahead, Apple will have to change the charging and communication interface of the iPhone. In the case of the iPad, the change was made a few years ago.

The Cupertino giant has long been opposed to this change, claiming that this would prevent the development of new technologies. Of course, it will also have a huge impact on the desired change in your hardware.

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