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EU threatens Hungary with legal action against LGBT law

EU threatens Hungary with legal action against LGBT law

Ursula von der Leyen asked two commissioners to write letters to Hungary expressing the committee’s concern after the controversial legislative decision. Photo: Michael Sohn/AP/NTB

The European Commission is threatening to sue Hungary after it passed a law restricting young people’s access to information on LGBT people.

Hungarian law is a disgrace. On Wednesday, the chair of the commission, Ursula von der Leyen, said I had asked the responsible commissioners to write a letter to the Hungarian authorities expressing our legal concerns before the law entered into force.

It is clear that the law discriminates against people because of their inclinations. She adds that I want to use the power of the Commission to guarantee the rights of all EU citizens.

May result in fines

Regarding the ministerial meeting in Luxembourg on Tuesday, 14 countries in the European Union asked the Commission to address the matter. The European Commission can file a case if it believes that a member state is violating EU laws. If the state does not provide a satisfactory answer within a certain time, the case can go to the European Court of Justice and can result in fines.

The law prohibits the production of sexual minorities – including gay and transgender people – in content aimed at children. It includes books, films and educational materials.

Advertising depicting gays and transgender people as normal members of society is also prohibited.

– to protect children

The controversial ban is part of a package that includes stricter penalties for sexual violence against children and young people and the creation of a “pedophile registry”. Hungarian Foreign Minister Petr Szijjarto defended the law on Tuesday, saying it targets pedophiles and aims to protect children. At the same time, the authorities say that parents have the exclusive right to raise children and teach them about sexual orientation.

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Swedish EU Minister Hans Dahlgren reacted strongly to Szigarato’s explanation.

We naturally distance ourselves completely from the link between pedophilia and the right to be who you want to be and have the direction you want. Dahlgren says it’s awful.