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Eunice Muñoz's granddaughter is forced to leave her grandmother's home

Eunice Muñoz’s granddaughter is forced to leave her grandmother’s home

Lydia Muñoz, the granddaughter who lived with the veteran actress, was forced to move out of her grandmother’s home shortly after her death. Find out what really happened!

Tender moment between Eunice and Lydia Muñoz

Eunice Muñoz passed away last April 15th, and according to Roy de CarvalhoThe family was forced to leave the house the day after his death. Was she really like that?

The 95-year-old veteran actor has been in “Happy House” (SIC) He revealed that he was angry at the fact that the landlord had denied his late friend Eunice’s family access to the house she was living in in Paco de Arcos, Oeiras.

As a matter of fact, her granddaughter, actress Lydia Muñoz, was living in the house rented with the deceased.

For Rui de Carvalho, it was disrespectful to the memory of the friend who rented the house a few meters from his own. He lamented that “people who deserve our respect are not respected.”

Eunice Muñoz and Rui de Carvalho have been friends for many years

The family was forced to leave the house

The late actor and actress were friends for many years. In fact, Rui de Carvalho said that to him Eunice Muñoz was like a sister.

In fact, there is no confirmation that the family did not have access to the house, only that the granddaughter, who was living with her grandmother, was forced to move out.

The actress said, by the way, that there was no objection and that she entered the house. According to her, all legal aspects have been met. That is, there was no objection on the part of the owners to remove the deceased’s belongings.

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However, it cannot be denied that the family was told to leave the house where Eunice Muñoz lived, 20 days after her death.