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EuroBichas da Canção.  Cintra Torres' comment raises criticism

EuroBichas da Canção. Cintra Torres’ comment raises criticism


Antonio Serzedillo, from Opus Gay, replies to i: “Today we are facing very strong provocations.”

The words of Correio da Manhã TV critic and columnist Eduardo Sintra Torres regarding Eurovision were a flurry of responses on social networks. “A wonderful festival of Light and Fajz. The EuroBichas da Canção Festival, also known as the Eurovision Song Contest, ends the day after a semi-final in which musical horror was almost complete and material scenarios were exchanged for only illuminated scenarios, such as Albert Nazi Speer’s “ Cathedral of Light ” in Nuremberg (1934-1938). Light doesn’t just deceive mulchs and mosquitoes, “wrote the critic on Saturday. Comedian Bruno Nogueira was one of the first to interact:” Eduardo Sintra Torres is bored. Because she’s not getting attention, girls. She said on Instagram, “You got to talk about it, women.” Over the weekend, after the Saturday night final match, reactions followed on Twitter: “They won nappa dresses and a bare torso. Sintra Torres has already called the police,” one user wrote.

Ao i, Antonio Serzedillo, founder of Opus Gay – currently Opus Diversidades – considers EuroVisão to be a festival that represents the diversity of music and the diversity of sexual orientation “and that there will always be a“ competing minority who must say something bad about them, stand out and take advantage of anything that could make a fuss To criticize him, “he says.

For the current broadcaster, the criticisms reflect the current political context: “Today we are facing very strong trials of international” Chegas “who, led by the far right, are trying to find a scapegoat for their own frustrations.”

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In 2018, Eduardo Sintra Torres criticized the festival, writing in the subtitle for the opinion “Festival of Exaggeration in kitsch”, “Too screaming, too frequent, too gay, too showy.”