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S&P 500 Touches Bears, Dow Has Worst Weekly Loss Cycle in 100 Years - Stock Exchange

Europe is trading in the green zone, with the exception of Paris. Advance oil and gold. Dollar drops. Interest is falling – markets in a minute

On an official holiday in the United States, the dollar loses and records gold gains

Gold is negotiating gains, after last week’s drop of more than 5% as many monetary authorities increase loan costs to bring down inflation.

However, the fluctuation of other markets still supports safe assets par excellence. The yellow metal increased by 0.03 % to 1,839.97 dollars an ounce, and redemium increased 1.72 % and platinum increased by 0.72 %.

“It’s a public holiday in the US today, which means liquidity – as well as volatility – should be lower, making moves in gold difficult without a new catalyst,” Matt Simpson, an analyst at City Index, told CNBC.

The dollar helps, as it fell 0.22% against the euro, which despite Macron losing an absolute majority, continues to make gains.

Regarding the Japanese yen, both the dollar (0.47%) and the euro (0.23%) recorded losses. This at a time when The Japanese Central Bank has left the short -term interest rates at -0.1 % and the return of sovereign bonds for a period of 10 years near zero.
فقد مؤشر بلومبيرج للدولار – الذي يقيس قوة “النقد الأخضر” مقارنة بعشر عملات متنافسة – 0.24٪ إلى 104.4440 نقطة ، في وقت كانت فيه رسالة بنك الاحتياطي الفيدرالي بشأن السياسة النقدية العدوانية “لا يمكن أن تكون أكثر وضوحًا” ، كما يقول رودريجو كاتريل ، محلل In the Australian Central Bank for CNBC.

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