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Even as the campaign ends, the flu vaccine is still available - Cities

Even as the campaign ends, the flu vaccine is still available – Cities

The flu campaign ended last Monday (30) and nearly 200,000 doses of the immunizing agent were applied during the five and a half months of treatment. Nevertheless, about 15 thousand doses are distributed in the capital’s health units and will be available to the population.

In the same way that occurred during the entire vaccination campaign, the doses in all health units will be in the morning, and in the afternoon there will be the doses indicated in the Covid-19 application. Therefore, they will not administer influenza or routine vaccinations.

A total of 199,922 doses of the vaccine were applied only to the campaign’s priority audience, which represents 79.94% of this population. The total amount of doses sent by the Ministry of Health is sufficient to exceed the recommended target of coverage of 90% of the priority audience for immunization. However, with demand below expectations, the doses remain in the city so that they can be applied to residents over six months of age.

“We noticed poor adherence to vaccination from the beginning, even with the expansion to the general public since the beginning of July, it was not enough for us to get the expected result,” explains the Municipal Health Secretary, José Mauro Velo.

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Of the priority audiences, only two had access to the recommended coverage: children six months to less than six years old, with 96.8% of the vaccinated audience, and the elderly with 101.73% coverage.

Other groups that in previous years also exceeded the recommended vaccination, and had no significant commitment this year, are health workers (88.29%) and education (65.47%).

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