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Even from behind the wall, the Leonois are coming back thanks to their “good game”

Even from behind the wall, the Leonois are coming back thanks to their “good game”

In Park OL,

Holding the ball 71%, a dozen clear chances were wasted (Hello Hous Sem Aur) against an inspired Gauthier Callan, but Stephanie Frabert was too soft with Karim Azamoum (15th) and Jimmy Groton (28th). .. On Wednesday, the first period of this OL-ESTAC (0-1) was clearly felt To lose In the 45th minute Xavier Sauvlerin (trained at OL) had something to think about three days after the tragic end of Durbingate at the Parc des Princes (2-1), except that this Lyon version of Peter Bose was not cut off for free, for example, against Monaco in the last post in Coupe de France (0- 2) He was fired in high tension and revolted by strange results at the time.Stophany Frappard.

“Before tonight’s game, we told ourselves we should not stop playing if we were ever led,” said Brazilian midfielder Lucas Bacquetta. That’s what we applied for, and it allowed us to change course. “By decisive men, Wednesday’s first goals by Serdon Shakiri (1-1, 48th) and Emerson (2-1, 72nd) completely thwarted the Trojans to fly to a crucial victory after the stop against OL PSG.” The defeat had a bitter taste, recalls Lucas Baguetta. Success tonight gives us more confidence. “

Emerson is decisive with his “bad foot”

In other matches, after four wins in the last 5 official matches, what would it be like if OM (2nd) was three points behind in 6th place? “The team has a lot of qualities, and recently European champion Emerson believes he wrote the second important goal in his” bad foot. “

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Surprisingly, Peter Bose focused more on his method than the targeted original results: “At the start of the season, we only had five or six big chances. Tonight, we were already in the first quarter of an hour. We failed to score in this first half. “

“We play better and better, we all watch it.”

After returning from the locker room, Jordan Shakiri treated this performance defect after a brilliant opening by Bruno Guimaraes. “Peter told us to play fast in order to disrupt Trois’ defense, and it happened in the second half,” Lucas Baguetta said. Even at 0-1 on Wednesday, it announced an extraordinary oscillation in Lyon between the unstoppable support team and supporters from the twists and turns.

“We play better and better and we all watch it,” Peter Bose concludes. Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. Rarely in the history of the OL has a League 1 match-up against the Trojes been so much fun. The pose effect can also be seen here.