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Even if he is crowned champion of France, he will have to undergo LOSC austerity

Even if he is crowned champion of France, he will have to undergo LOSC austerity

“The club would have gone bankrupt in early January, which would have been a problem for the teams in the continuation of the process.” This sentence, one of the first sentences uttered by the new President Oliver Letong at a press conference on December 21, 2020, immediately answered questions about the timing of the change of owner in the title of the LOSC.

Five months later, when Lilly had ninety minutes to win the French championship after the draw against Saint-Etienne on Sunday, May 16 (0-0), that insistence did not lessen its weight. He recalled that if the season’s game success had prevented the ship from sinking, the financial problem would have remained the same. Despite having millions with qualifications for the next Champions League, the club cannot keep the same lifestyle.

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It is already a little miracle that he has been able to maintain it so far, closely linked to the results of the first months. When Gerard Lopez is forced to step down as president on December 18, 2020, Lilly leads League 1 ahead of PSG, having crossed the group stage of the Europa League. The workers are young – on average less than 25 years old – and its best elements follow a good part of Europe.

Of the seventeen players who belong to LOSC but are in debt, some are beginning to reassure themselves. “The positive side is we have quality players, assets”Lettong evaluates juggling in subjects, as well as vocabulary, between sports and economics.

A strong gesture

The new owner, Merlin Partners, is paying 50 50 million in a hurry and has not sold any players in the January transfer window. A strong gesture is linked to health conditions such as team rankings. With a recovery in a period of financial crisis, repurchases are unlikely to become profitable by immediately separating the investment fund from its best components.

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Not in the context of the collective savings of a game that is losing a lot of money, especially when playing in empty arenas (no transaction reached 25 million euros in January). So he should look to the midfield, not change anything, hope the results are maintained, and then, after the season is over, normalize the club’s management after four years in violation.

Lily, who was miraculously maintained in the first season under the leadership of Gerard Lopez, did not leave the top 4 spots in the following three seasons. But the journey is not easy. Never fully convinced by the economic model, French football’s finance policeman TNCG has issued several yellow cards: the budget was withdrawn in the summer of 2017, the ban on recruitment in January 2018 was finally removed as a precaution; Oversight of transfers and salaries in the summer of 2018; A fine of 50,000 euros for misinformation in May 2019.

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We should especially include the late verification of accounts in July 2020 and the ongoing proceedings with Marcelo Pizza before the Lilly Industrial Tribunal. The former Mastiffs coach, who was sacked for serious misconduct nearly four years ago, has condemned the harassment aimed at pushing him to resign and demanded மில்லியன் 19 million. Judgment is expected on July 2.

Nakat low price

Lilly’s economic model seemed to work in terms of the trade he considered: each season, the Northern Club sold its two or three best players very lovingly, replacing them with low – cost nails invented by Louis Campos. The quality of the workforce has not weakened, but the transfer balances, which are clearly positive – for example, Nicola Babe and Victor Osimhen, who have become two of the most valuable African players in history – have not deterred concerns. Finance.

Laurent Blanc is in the polar position to coach the team if Christophe Caldier leaves, which is no doubt for many at home.

Closed session and MediaPro withdrawal did not help, “But there was a deeper problem”, Promises to the wise Letong from his first speech. Under President Lopez’s adviser – hence the unofficial sports director – under the rare status of a service provider, Combos has created a full staff that goes head to head. However, the new administration marked the immediate end of the collaboration, with Mosscron (Belgium) and Bovista (Portugal) moving away from the clubs and forming partnership agreements, gradually creating a traditional recruitment division.

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The transformation of the era of the victory of the press secretary Florian Ficci, who is considered very close to the Portuguese, is seen on all levels. History of the Club, Jean-Michel Vandhamme returned to run the training – Lily is 24 years olde Recent classification of accredited centers established by the French Football Federation. Along with Rennes, Sylvain Armand (Sports Coordinator) and Didier Rudd (Deputy General Manager) have assumed their duties in recent weeks. Also known was Adrian Taraskan (player and data analyst) from PSG. Laurent Blanc is polarized to coach the team if Christophe Caldier leaves, which is no doubt for many at home.

Savings to be made

Newcomer CVs are valuable and will not be found by those who aim to expand staff. There is a question: what will be the club’s team next season? The new owner, Merlin Partners Finance, already has his hand in his pocket and does not want to invest in the loss. However, with the exception of a few Premier League clubs – the English first division – they use their brand image and huge television rights, and over time no one makes money.

Like LOSC, we pay for a stadium that can only be profitable when it is sold out in each match. Minority partner and candidate for acquisition in mid-2010, Belgium Marc Cook wanted to invest in his country Business model Such weight reliable to bear. The King Street Fund, owner of Bordeaux, wanted a brutal layoff, jeopardizing the club’s future with the opportunity to continue spending.

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The 55 players under contract – a good over twenty – must make savings before touching the team’s stars. If there is a satisfactory offer, Mike Miknon, Jackie Celik, Renato Sanchez, BB Bakri Samare, Jonathan Icon, Jonathan Pamba and Luis Arazo should not be deterred. But for others, especially Tomakoj Pradaric, Croatia is becoming international, but for months it is obvious that nothing guarantees that interested clubs will come forward.

At the end of the contract, Captain Jose Font is part of the workforce, but the 37-year-old’s renewal has not been taken lightly. As the season draws to a close, on Sunday, May 23, there is a sense of the end of university life: the last shared moments and the opportunity for a big party before everyone follows their own path.