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Even with a "broken heart", Camila Cabello is grateful - current events

Even with a “broken heart”, Camila Cabello is grateful – current events

Camila Cabello decided to face life as a “glass half full” and thanked her for the good things it had. This is evidenced by a post that the singer posted on her Instagram account about “Thanksgiving”, a holiday that is celebrated this week in the United States.

“I have a lot to be grateful for, but I’m especially thankful to have a whole team trying to hold me while I meditate,” she said.

“Happy day of gratitude everyone! I am so grateful to all of you here who have sent me love and songs to listen to and who have supported me on this creative journey of life! Although I don’t know many of you, they have shown me love and generosity as I support and repay all of this! Of all things, we are alive in this magical, confused and crazy world and I believe we are all connected and never alone.”

“I thank you for my human family, my friends, my plants, my animal family… I send you a lot of love and gratitude,” he added.

Remember that the artist and Shawn Mendes recently announced the end of their two-year relationship.

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