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Ever Geffen is now launching the Suez Canal – E24

Ever Geffen creates new waves in Egypt. The giant container ship is on its way through the last part of the Suez Canal, a hundred days after it was stopped there.

Chest: Ever Given is one of the largest container ships in the world and has been known for blocking the movement of ships through one of the world’s most important trade routes.

Amr Abdullah Dalash/Reuters


A little before 11.30 the ship was on its way north towards Port Said and the Egyptian Mediterranean coast, According to Marine Traffic.

Reuters also reported the departure of Ever Geffen on Wednesday morning.

According to the news agency, Ever Geffen is accompanied by two boats and piloted by two experienced pilots (two pilots).

Navigation chaos and billionaire brawl

One of the world’s largest container ships got stuck and closed the Suez Canal for six days at the end of March before it could aground. This has resulted in significant delays in international trade with economic consequences.

Since then, the owners of the Panama-registered ship have argued with Egypt about how much compensation the latter should receive. Therefore, the huge container ship has docked in a bay in the Suez Canal since it was towed ashore on March 29.

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Egypt refused to move the ship due to a dispute over compensation, which authorities initially believed should exceed $900 million, equivalent to 7.8 billion crowns.

The claim was later reduced to $550 million, or 4.7 billion kroner.

Settlement and celebration

And news came, on Sunday, that the Japanese ship owners had agreed with the SCA channel authority on a settlement of a currently unknown amount.

Thus, Ever Given will continue to sail on Wednesday, 100 days after it was pulled from Earth.

On Wednesday, a ceremony will be held to mark the departure of the ship, loaded with about 18,300 containers. Reuters.

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