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"Ever Given" is back in the Suez Canal - E24

“Ever Given” is back in the Suez Canal – E24

Four months after the container ship choked global trade for nearly a week, the Ever Given is back in the Suez Canal.

Ever Geffen was recently launched from the port of Suffolk on the east coast of England.

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The giant ship “Ever Given” returned Friday noon to the Suez Canal, according to what was reported Data from MarineTraffic.

At around 13.30 NST, the ship reached Store Bittersjø and thus did not go beyond where the ship had been stuck earlier this year, impeding vessel traffic through the canal for about a week. The ship was suspended near Manshiyet Ruqula.

The first-ever cargo was unloaded from Yantian in China on March 8, on March 23. The “Ever Geffen” did not escape the Suez Canal until July 7, and the ship did not reach the port of Rotterdam until the end of July. On August 5, the ship left its last port in Europe, Felixstof on the east coast of England.

He writes that the ship is now on its way to Singapore for maintenance interested in trade.

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After landing, an agreement was reached between the ship owner, the insurance company and the Egyptian authorities.

It is not yet known why the giant ship ran aground in the Suez Canal. The ship is owned by Japan’s Shui Kesen Kaisha, but is loaned to Taiwanese Evergreen.

After the ship was pulled from land and placed in custody in Egypt, the compensation claim amounted to $900 million – nearly eight billion crowns.

The claim was later reduced to $550 million, or 4.7 billion kroner.

It is not known how much the owners of Ever Geffen paid to bring the ship with them from the port of Egypt, but local authorities describe the settlement as “fair”.

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