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“Everything is not worth it and is always underestimated.”

“Everything is not worth it and is always underestimated.”

Catarina Miranda remains the center of attention on Big Brother, and Ze Lopez unleashes new barbs on Repatiana.

During the BB Diary 2024 on Monday, May 13, commentator Zee Lopez left new barbs about Catarina Miranda's behavior, because he does not like the game of “anything goes” at all.

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Big brother.  Ze Lopez throws himself at Catarina Miranda:

Zee Lopez begins by saying:I think I was one of the first to say that for me, everything is not game worthy and never will be. This is a real game, they have to be a mirror of what they are outside (…) Of course there is 100 thousand euros at stake, “They may have strategies to reach €100,000, name it accordingly.”

The commentator goes further in talking about how to use this strategy, but he never “disparages it (…) 'You don't know, you can't do it, you have to leave (…)'” I am the good person, I am the person who studied, I am the person who will reach the final, I am the person who will go further. This upsets me very much and I cannot accept it (…) A thousand people could come and tell me that I am wrong, that I want to see Jardim da Celeste.

Finally, he said: “I don't think everything is important for the game, because as a TV show we have to reflect society and set good examples, and that doesn't happen.”

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