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"Everything is not worth winning"

“Everything is not worth winning”

Ricardo Costa spoke again about the classics that took place last weekend.

Three days after the derby match between Sporting and Porto, which the Dragon won, with a score of 28-29, in Pavelhao Joao Rocha, Ricardo Costa, coach of Leonin, again referred to the match and harshly criticized the opponent.

“We really want to win in the best possible place, which means winning the four finals we have, starting with the match in Águas Santas. The last match brought us a lot of problems, because we lost some players who probably won’t play any more until the end of the season,” said the coach. .

“It was a very violent and difficult match and I think that everything is not worth winning,” criticized the father of Martim and Kiko Costa, referring: “We play with great teams at the European level and this behavior is not allowed there. The team we played with had difficulty staying on the field in Champions League “.

Ricardo Costa ended the comments posted on the club’s website on Tuesday with a warning. He warned that “here, sometimes, a degree of rigidity is allowed beyond the normal. It is a moment of concern, because the health of the athletes is first of all.”