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Evo Lucas: "My father saw me in the worst possible condition"

Evo Lucas: “My father saw me in the worst possible condition”

Evo Lucas He was the guest of the program very accurate This Saturday, February 26th. In a unique conversation with Daniel OliveiraThe singer and actor participated in one of the most difficult stages of his life, which followed the death of his girlfriend, Sarah Carrera.

The artist began to highlight the important role of parents in the whole process. “It was very difficult. I didn’t let my mother see me for a long time […] I didn’t want her to see me like that. It turns out that my father was always with me. So did my mom, but I didn’t want to see her and ended up going to my sister’s house for a while. My parents slept on the sofa, they were even there when I went to bed.” captured.

“It’s hard to see your parents in this situation because you’re also trying to be strong for them. You don’t want your parents to suffer. I may be bad, but I don’t want my parents to see me badly. I don’t want it. I want them to be happy and have a full life. I don’t want them.” To see the suffering of a child. ventilation.

“Maybe later I try to make up by starting to tell them, ‘I love you.’ I know how important this is to my dad and I wouldn’t say it. Now I say. If I have to hug, I hug, and if I have to give a kiss, I give a kiss. I can’t. Just saying how much I love my parents, how proud I am of my parents and how they are the most important people in my life.”confirmed.

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“They could have 30,000 speeches, and they could have hours upon hours of talking to me, never having a conversation trying to soften anything, refute it, or put fancy powders around it. Never. They’ve always been very pragmatic and totally sensitive to everything.. They have always respected my space very much.”reinforced.

The actor also highlighted the strength that his father always conveyed to him. “My father saw me in the worst possible condition in every respect. He is in front of me he never broke. He spoke to me, he never hid anything from me, he always spoke to me frankly. He always had the strength that I did not have.”He said.

“I recently found out that every time my dad leaves, he turns to my friends and breaks down. I broke out into despair and helplessness, but she’s still here today. With me to fight‘, he finished.