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Evo Lucas sings "Leva-me a Viajar" by Sarah Carrera - Verve

Evo Lucas sings “Leva-me a Viajar” by Sarah Carrera – Verve

On Friday, the Associação Sara Carreira released its anthem, “Leva-me a Viajar,” in memory of the early departed “princess.” There are 41 singers, actors, and presenters coming together to sing this theme along with Tony Carrera & Sons, Mikael and David. Among them is Evo Lucas, who composed the topic with his girlfriend.

This is the first time that the singer and actor has joined an initiative by Associação Sara Carreira. In the video, Ivo sings the phrase: “Just to be closer to you.” “Levame a Viajar” is a special topic written by Ivo and Sara when they were dating. At the time of the song’s release, in May, the singer posted on social media, breaking the silence since the 21-year-old’s death: “I never thought I’d write this script to you on the day of your song’s release, but life has made us the biggest mistake and I’m asking you all The day you help me walk I promise I will try to do it for you.”

By the end of Friday afternoon, the video had already had about 30,000 views on the YouTube platform.

Remember that Evo was driving at the time of the accident that killed Sarah Carrera on December 5th. Since the tragedy, he has kept a low profile, only fulfilling his professional obligations.

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