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Forsvarssjef Harald Sunde

Ex-defence chief believes Norway should wake up and provide more money to the armed forces – NRK Troms and Finnmark

– Now we have to wake up. It is a major war in Europe. Only hours away from us, we see the horrors of war in all the news photos, says former Defense Chief Harald Sund.

Defense Minister Odd Roger Inoxen (Sp) said the government has decided to strengthen the armed forces with additional funding already this year. Friday adds The government transmitted the privatization.

Sunde believes that Norway does not have time for long bureaucratic processes.

We must have quick and short processes to get the materials we need, says Sunde.

– Many European countries are now strengthening their defenses at the same time, so it comes first, and it is offered first for equipment and gear.

Bearings must be refilled

Torbjørn Bongo is the leader of the Norwegian Officers and Specialists Association. He thinks the government was right To send weapons and equipment to UkraineBut he believes it is now important to add more money to the armed forces.

– We have to replenish stocks. He says a lot of the equipment we sent to Ukraine is things we’ve had very little of for a long time.

The fact that we have the money now is very welcome, but it is also very much needed.

Torbjørn Bongo is a labor politician and leader of the Norwegian Officers and Specialists Union. He believes that the shortcomings of the armed forces must be addressed as quickly as possible.

Photo: Fabian Obeda/NRK

Bongo notes that HV soldiers, for example, lack clothing and personal equipment.

– He says that the shortcomings of the armed forces can and must be addressed as soon as possible.

Expect quick-impact measures

Conservative defense policy spokesman Harik Elvens expects the government to come up with measures that will have an immediate impact.

Emergency stocks such as ammunition and fuel should be increased. Then we will have departments that can perform their tasks faster, as expected.

Elvenes points out that Norway has a good defense, but there is room for improvement.

– FThe case needs to be built further in order to counter the acute security policy situation, he says.

Harik Elvins (h).

Conservative defense policy spokesman Horik Elvens hopes the quick cash will give the armed forces a similar quick effect on drills and training.

Photo: Anne Wershing/NRK

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