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Ex-Microsoft employees say Bill Gates 'yelled at everyone'

Ex-Microsoft employees say Bill Gates ‘yelled at everyone’

Bill Gates needs no introduction and is one of the most famous personalities in the world of technology and the world. The Microsoft founder is also known for his involvement in causes, playing a prominent role even in the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, there are those who assert that the philanthropist has another face that is not revealed to the media. According to the accounts of some former Microsoft employees, Bill Gates was temperamental and “shouting at everyone”.

Ex-Microsoft Employees Say Bill Gates Was Temperamental

We all recently received the news of Bill Gates and Melinda Gates' divorce. After leaving the head of Microsoft, the entrepreneur devoted much of his time to the foundation that he created with his ex-wife Bill and Melinda Gates. However, the couple announced the decision to separate in May 2021. After that there were some less rosy rumors and reports about Bill Gates.

In addition, four former Microsoft employees recently told interested in trade That Gates has another side that is different from what is known to the general public. According to the statements of the former workers, who chose to remain anonymous, the millionaire was a fiery and moody person, noting that "the meeting with Bill Gates was just an opportunity to scream."

Staff control

As has been pointed out, Bell was known among some for berating his workers. It is alleged that he was controlling employees and even keeping car license plates.

Maria Clauy, a Microsoft board member from 2009 to 2015, also told Insider that suggestions for how to improve diversity in the succession plan were not "interested to hear." According to Clauy, Gates responded to these suggestions with something like "Are you trying to destroy the company?" , in the sense of pointing out that interest in diversity has nothing to do with Microsoft's success.

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Another anonymous former Redmond employee said Gates was direct and honest. And while his profile may frighten some employees, he makes it clear that his candor was appreciated and that "Bill Gates yelled at everyone the same."

In turn, a current Microsoft employee told Insider that the entrepreneur is "just a weird human being when it comes to social interactions.

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