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Ex-Sofia Baltar-Murangita reveals new details about Angelico's incident: "I came to Porto to take me" - National

Ex-Sofia Baltar-Murangita reveals new details about Angelico’s incident: “I came to Porto to take me” – National

Sophia Baltar, ex-Murangita This Thursday, the 14th, she revealed that she was, after all, Angelico’s last girlfriend, not Anita Costa. In the new statements, the actress ended up telling the details of the night of the accident and how He stopped going to the hospital because of Rita Pereira.

He called me the night of the accident. Wanting to spend the day with me, he came to Porto to pick me up. I said I didn’t want to because I was going by car with my dad to Morangomania,” Sophia said in a video posted to Instastories.

throughout the video, Sofia brought several accusations against Anita Costa, who gained fame at the time for being photographed crying in hospital and introducing herself as the singer’s last girlfriend.

You know I was with him. The whole plot created, for me it was sad, it was human disappointmentSophia said directly to Anita, assuming that Angelico had an affair with them. I didn’t suppose she was his girlfriend. I had something special.”

At that time, there was a good friend of a friend of his, she called me saying, ‘Don’t come to the hospital because Rita Pereira won’t let you in“” , like he said.

But Sophia was at the funeral to say goodbye to Angelico. “I didn’t have to show up to feel that,” he noted.

“Honestly, everything that happened was very sad. After a month or two, earn money at the disco precisely because of this supposed relationship.For me, it just shows that there was no love,” he also accused of having Anita, noting that she earned €2,000.

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“It was his opinion of you,” he said, “that he had to be careful with you, and that you just wanted to show up.”

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