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Ex-V Cernach midfielder Luiz Grando gave an incredible account: "They didn't put my salary in my account" - Campeonato de Portugal

Ex-V Cernach midfielder Luiz Grando gave an incredible account: “They didn’t put my salary in my account” – Campeonato de Portugal

Brazilian midfielder Luiz Grando gave Register Some statements about President Antonio Joaquim, president of F. Sernach, and the recent controversy in which he was involved, after accusations of racism made by coach Ricardo Nascimento.

“From the first day I entered the club, I felt that the president was very stubborn, very intolerant of athletes. He was good one day, he was welcomed, and the next day, he was very bad, I didn’t speak to anyone. If I had to describe it In a word, it will be bipolar,” said the camper center that now operates in Oleiros, considering the conditions “totally different,” stressing that working conditions at V. Sernache were minimal.

As for V. We were offended and the younger players felt it was even worse.”

“Ibra is a wonderful boy, his heart is gold. He is very young, so the adaptation was very difficult, and we did everything to make him feel good on the set. However, the positions of the chair and the situations in the group bathroom did not help, as he was clearly trying to decide who should play and who He shouldn’t be playing, even opposing what the coach wants, it was horrible,” he said. Register Grando, who reiterated the poor treatment of the players due to the “friction” that the team created.

“He would sometimes come to the dressing room after the match and said we were ashamed. One day he said that if we went to the class, we would always play in the zone, because he would do everything so that we didn’t. He played one division above.”, the mediator revealed.

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In terms of established positions, Grando considers Antonio Joachim to have been very “cynical”, noting that two members of the technical team have left, but Ricardo Nascimento, who says he is “an excellent professional, very experienced, very knowledgeable about other cultures and realities”, did. Everything to finish the season and keep working, also ended up not resisting working conditions.

Personally, the 26-year-old revealed that food often had to be paid for with a “special salary” and that hot water “only lasts no more than five minutes”, which required a team of more than 20 players to take showers very quickly and without Terms.

“I made incomprehensible criticism. Moreover, I paid little attention to what the rules were. In a Portugal Cup match, I and another teammate were sent off, but according to what the president said, I played in the next. The next two matches because of my non-compliance with the rules. , I was even fined my salary. There were even times when they did not put money in my account, justifying it in this situation,” said the Brazilian.

The medical cases and conditions also proved incredibly poorly understood on the part of Antonio Joaquim, as Grando revealed: “There was no equipment for the physiotherapists and I had to pay for all the medical treatment I received out of my own pocket,” he said, also revealing that Antonio Joaquim He did not comply with the mandatory confinement, and he did not have Covid-19. “He left the house anyway, wandered, even with Covid. The players had to be careful of infection, but he didn’t care.”

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Finally, Luis Grando pointed out the differences in Oleiros, where he is now: “When people want, they know how to work and make football a better place. Oleiros is great and a great starting point for those who want to succeed in the sport For me and my teammates, my arrival here after Experiences like the one I had at Sernach is an incredible victory.”