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Excited grandson on his return to the field after 6 months: “This is my home” – Sporting

Excited grandson on his return to the field after 6 months: “This is my home” – Sporting

Central was elected Sport TV’s “Man of the Game”.

Luis Neto returned to official competition for Sporting, where he played for the first time since September 10, 2022, in tonight’s 3-0 win over Santa Clara. The center back was chosen as “Man of the Game” for Sport TV, in what constituted a milestone in the event, and he thanked the support during the difficult period he went through.

“I was happy. It turns out this is my home, and after being out for so long, with my injury, and lung recurrence, I don’t have many words to say. I’m so happy to be back and thank you for the trophy for symbolism. I thank people for the love they show me, even In the most difficult moments. I thank my family, who are always with me, and the most important thing is also to win. More than anything, the important thing was the victory and the three points. We want the three points. We carry on and go in search of the Champions League. We’ve already had some setbacks during the season and now The team is at its best to make up for some of the lost time. We won’t have time to make up for all this, but it’s the preparation for a great sporting future,” the seasoned defender began speaking to Sport TV.

“It cost me at first, because I thought my knee injury would be more serious. Then we had a turbulent moment, and fortunately things settled down, as I said: From the day I arrived, I came with the aim of doing great things for Sporting, and helping to win great things, which we’ve already achieved with four Nicknames, and my voice will always be there for help. I take this opportunity to thank everyone who has lived through this moment of affection. And that’s it: It’s been 20/25 minutes and I’m glad I was ready for the master to pick me up. His thanks and the structure, and the medical department, everyone was patient with me and it wasn’t easy Always with my lungs hurting. There,” Neto added.

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The centre-back also highlighted the quality of Sporting’s back sector: “At the moment we have the best defenders in the league. We have a lot of ability in the back line, players who can play in the middle, right and left, we have the necessary experience. The new season and players with potential. Those Those who work in the academy note that Sporting has a great future.In terms of potential, game by game, adding a little mentality that we were losing in the beginning, in the slips we had and now we won’t.One of the goals is to continue to get the Champions League “.

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