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Exclusive!  “Inspector Max” ends up in court – Verver

Exclusive! “Inspector Max” ends up in court – Verver

Fernando Luis, 63, was the star of TVI's Inspector Max series, which was first broadcast between 2004 and 2006. The plot was a huge success – it had new seasons in 2016 and 2017 – and continues today. TVI channel broadcast.

However, the actors who were part of the production crew did not gain much from the series' constant replacement. Neighboring rights, which are attributed to artists when the interpretation of a work is captured in a recording, whether audio or video, yield practically nothing. This was confirmed by the actor himself in an interview published this week in the magazine “Boa Onda”, from Correio da Manhão.

“We got very little related rights. The topic was discussed and we went to court, but every time I brought it up the conversation got diverted.”“, said the actor. Fernando Luis even admitted that he gets more related rights for the dubbing he does. “I end up not understanding what's going on because the series continues to run. But I'm receiving more dubbing-related rights compared to 'Inspector Max'”.

Remember that Fernando Luis gave life to the charismatic inspector Jorge Mendes and is still associated with this role: “On the street, I'm still known as 'Inspector Max'. I always tell people: 'Look, I'm not Inspector Max.' Max is the dog….

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