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Exclusive interview with Tatiana Boa Nova: “People have a huge hatred” - Big Brother

Exclusive interview with Tatiana Boa Nova: “People have a huge hatred” – Big Brother

Tatiana Boa Nova was the contestant chosen by the public to leave the Big Brother house at last Sunday’s ceremony. 🇧🇷I think I had a perfect performance compared to a few years ago (…) I am very satisfiedAnd he begins to say.

The former competitor admitted that she was already “waiting” to leave the game this week “considering that I saw the old competitors leave first and I was the only one of the old competitors in the field of candidates,” she explains. .

She decided to participate in this edition of Big Brother with her husband Good news RobinA to promote the business they have as a couple and “Loss of Voice”.

However, he reveals that the decision to go on the reality show together was “very deliberate”, since they have a young boy abroad. He guarantees that “Lorenzo is very well delivered, and he has the best grandparents in the world.”

Tatiana admits that she is no longer the same regarding her participation in Casa dos Segredos 3, in 2012. “Motherhood has made me a more thoughtful and mature person. I’ve grown a lot, ”he admits.

Robin Boa Nova stays at home and Tatiana believes her husband will have no trouble integrating into the group on his own: “Everyone there loves him and respects him and respects the others, so I think he’ll adjust well.”

Regarding the group of competitors, Al-Shamali admits that “there are people who have already left who deserve to be in the top ten” and considers that Miguel Vicente He is the “champion” of this Big Brother and “knows how to play it like no one else”.

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He does not rule out in the future the possibility of returning to a reality show and reveals that he would like to have the opportunity to live that experience alongside Lourenço, “in 15 years”, as he jokes.