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Exclusive!  Matias Damasio is no longer single.  Find out for whom the singer's heart beats – Verveer

Exclusive! Matias Damasio is no longer single. Find out for whom the singer's heart beats – Verveer

The Angolan musician already has a new song dedicated to the woman he loves.

04/18/2024 • 20 h 54

A year and a half after announcing his separation, Matías Damasio returned to his wife, Marcia Carolina. The singer just released a new song called “Teu Amor,” and the theme is actually dedicated to the person he shared 20 years of his life with. “We broke up but we're back now. I'm taking her back. I still love her.”“, says Matías Damasio to “Vidas”.

The new song, which was recorded in partnership with Mexican Carlos Rivera, talks about… “A generous and beautiful person” And for those who understand… “Yes, this person, without a doubt, is Carolina.”He admitted. The theme couldn't have reflected their story better. “It is a story of love that lasts many times and is reborn like a missile in people's lives. It is the typical story of lasting love, which people recognize as soon as they meet them.”

If it is true that Matia Damasio spends more time in Angola due to work, and Carolina in Portugal, the singer explains the reason for the geographical separation. “We have an autistic son who has to be with him in Portugal full time.”

Recall that in March last year, Matias Damasio announced his separation and took the blame for the situation. “The wear and tear, the concerts, it all ends up affecting this process. I'm the one most responsible for this process.”He admitted in an interview with Manuel Luis Gosha.

“Teu amor” is a single in Spanish and Portuguese recorded with Carlos Rivera, one of the top Mexican artists, whom Matías Damasio met seven years ago, specifically in Portugal. “We would talk on social media because we didn't have each other's numbers but we would always express our mutual affection and admiration.” account. “One day I sent him the song via Instagram, Carlos immediately liked it and we decided to move on to recording. He recorded in Miami and I in Lisbon and then we met in Porto to make the music video.” And then came the concerts. “The collaboration went so well that a month later he invited me to Mexico City to do three halls with him.”

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Matias Damasio returns to concerts in Portugal on May 11 in Moura. Meo Arena will be announced soon.