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Exempting Banat Queiroz Pereira from offering the acquisition of Simaba and Navigator – Mercados

Exempting Banat Queiroz Pereira from offering the acquisition of Simaba and Navigator – Mercados

The daughters of the businessman who died in 2018 decided to share the inheritance while preserving the waiver of the OPA launch of the holding company. A shareholder agreement allows for control to be maintained.

The daughters of Pedro Queiroz Pereira have been exempted from launching OPA via Semapa and Navigator, the company reported today and confirmed the Commission of the Securities Market (CMVM).

Filipa, Mafalda and Lua, owners of the businessman’s undivided inheritance, are, each of them, “owners, directly or indirectly, of minority shares in the capital of Sodem,” reads the statement sent to CMVM. Sodim owns 83.22% of the share capital of the holding company that controls Navigator and Secil. This sharing takes place through the undivided inheritance they received from their father.

The three directors have now decided to proceed with sharing the inheritance, but are exempt from launching an OPA on the company (which, by law, they are required to do if they are not heirs, but are otherwise shareholders).

The signatories are about to obtain, by participating in the undivided inheritance of Pedro Mendonca de Queiroz Pereira, the shares representing the capital of Sodem, […] which will determine that they, together, become the majority shareholders of Sodim, a fact that will determine that they will be attributed to the voting rights inherent in the shares representing the capital of Semapa and the capital of Navigator, which are currently attributed to Sodim, respectively 83.22% of the voting rights in respect of Semapa and 69.97% of Voting rights in respect of Navigator,” the document states.

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The three “required CMVM […] That the obligation to release bids for acquisitions by participants of Semapa and Navigator, which may arise from the Share Act, will be announced, with CMVM trading to announce this exception.