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Exercising during pregnancy: know the recommended methods |  SEGS

Exercising during pregnancy: know the recommended methods | SEGS

Combining exercise can help women reduce the risk of diseases such as gestational diabetes

Pregnancy and continuing an exercise routine are no longer taboo but rather a common occurrence. Fear of playing sports and harming a still-forming child has given way to healthy habits, and many experts have already recommended this practice. “Women who stay active throughout their pregnancy have better posture, less swelling, less back pain, and can even prevent some diseases like gestational diabetes,” explains Marcelo Franco, professor at C4 Gym.

It is important to emphasize that in order to perform any physical activity, it is necessary to release a doctor and follow up with a professional. “Every exercise and every movement should be performed with the utmost safety, while respecting the conditions and body of the pregnant woman. Light to moderate intensity activities should be performed. Exercises that can cause trauma such as fights or other contact sports should be paused,” says Marcelo.

Exercises such as gentle walking, stretching and water aerobics are best suited for those who did a little movement before they got pregnant. “These are practices that have safe protocols and can be performed after the first trimester and with a physician’s approval,” explains the C4 Gym Network professor.

“On the other hand, for women who have maintained a rhythm of repetitive and energetic activities, they can/should continue their routine during pregnancy. Remember that in any situation the presence of a specialist in the area is essential, more than the way it is practiced, assistive monitoring necessary,” Marcelo concludes.

About C4 Gym

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Run by managers with more than ten years in the fitness market, C4 Gym is a brand that aims to maintain the essence of its neighborhood gym, but with a large networking structure. With four partners, the chain, which has two stores and just opened its first concept store, closed in 2021 with a turnover of R$3.1 million.Through the franchise, it doubled the number of units and had a turnover of R$8 million.