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Exoprimal will collaborate with Street Fighter 6;  See the trailer

Exoprimal will collaborate with Street Fighter 6; See the trailer

Ryu and Guile will arrive in Exoprimal as outfits for the player characters

Image: Capcom/Disclosure

Capcom announced during Summer Game Fest 2023collaboration between exoprimal and newly released Street Fighter 6. Fighters Ryu and Guile will be in the new game in future versions.

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Watch the trailer:

Iconic Street Fighter fighters will come to the game with futuristic robot images, such as Exosuits that players will be able to equip when they take to the streets of Bikitoa Island.

Capcom promises another Street Fighter cosmetic in the team-based fighting game, as well as more crossovers with popular franchises from the product soon.

Jurassic survival

The Street Fighter 6 collaboration is the first of several Exoprimal crossovers with other Capcom franchises

Image: Capcom/Disclosure

Exoprimal is a massively multiplayer online action game that pits humanity’s latest technology, the Exosuits, against the most terrifying monsters in history: the Dinosaurs. In the year 2040, players are transported to the war games overseen by the advanced Leviathan artificial intelligence.

In the main game mode, Jurassic Survival, teams of five Exo fighters battle it out to compete against objectives while facing off against hordes of dinosaurs in the fight for survival.

Each match is different from the last, and players can switch exoskeletons at any time and change their tactics as new challenges arise.

Exoprimal arrives July 4th for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. The game will be available on Game Pass at launch.

Source: GameOn

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