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Expect iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max shortages due to LG screen production issues

Expect iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max shortages due to LG screen production issues

A new report indicates that the Apple iPhone 15 Pro models and in particular the iPhone 15 Pro Max may suffer from a short supply when they are released in September. Apparently, this situation is associated with problems in the production of LG Display monitors.

Screen manufacturing issues

The problems arise due to the implementation of a new manufacturing process aimed at reducing the screen bezel size. It appears to be a similar issue to what Apple has encountered with some Apple Watch models in the past.

iPhone 14 Pro Max

iPhone 15 Pro displays (and again, especially the Pro Max) made by LG fail reliability tests in the process where the screen is fused to the metal casing. Apple is currently modifying the design of screens made by LG to pass these tests, and they still have screens made by Samsung that you can use for assembly.

expected shortage at launch

However, these issues may result in a lack of units available at launch. The iPhone 15 Pro Max will be the most difficult model to get your hands on, followed by the Pro.

A separate report today suggested that Apple might delay the launch by a few weeks, but this new source contradicts that information, supporting the scarcity hypothesis. Either way, something is going on with those screens and affecting Apple’s launch plans.


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