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Expert: - He lost the war

Expert: – He lost the war

More than 1,000 apartments and several schools were destroyed in a Russian missile attack on Lozova in the Kharkiv region on Friday. But despite the new attacks, Russia is making little progress in its invasion of Ukraine. Now the Russian journalist and expert Christo Grosev is coming out with a clear message.

“The commanders who have been informed understand that the war is lost,” Grosev said in an interview on Radio Liberty, according to Business Insider.

Super Weapons: It is said that the Russian tank and giant weapons bearing the nickname “The Terminator” have arrived in Ukraine. Video: Telegram / @vorposte
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Nuclear weapon can be pressed

Grozev works for the group of journalists Bellingcat, which, among other things, has the task of verifying the facts of the war in Ukraine.

If Russia has a chance of winning the war at all, President Vladimir Putin will need a full mobilization, according to Grosev, who also denies that the use of nuclear weapons is a thing of the past.

There are those in Putin’s inner circle who might want to pressure him to use nuclear weapons. Others, on the other hand, Grosev says, will say that it is enough, and they should not waste another 10 thousand of their soldiers’ lives.

Close: Videos posted on Telegram show Ukrainian soldiers shooting down two Russian drones. Video: Telegram. Reporter: Vigard Krueger.
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– Cause serious damage

Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelensky, left again this week and said the country’s forces had inflicted heavy damage on the Russian army, despite the fact that the port city of Mariupol had been captured. Zelensky said in an interview with Ukrainian television that Ukraine broke the back of the Russian army.

– The president claims that they will not be able to stand on their feet again in a few years.

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