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Experts explain Cristina Ferreira's massive downfall: "This country doesn't like people feeling insidious" - Patriot

Experts explain Cristina Ferreira’s massive downfall: “This country doesn’t like people feeling insidious” – Patriot

a Christina Ferreira’s stunning descent on the Instagram Interaction Index, from 2nd to 64th in one year, has caught the attention of digital marketing professionals.

While last year, Announcer Popped Behind Cristiano Ronaldo It attracted an average of three million “likes” and/or comments on Instagram, according to a study by the platform BrainverAnd Christina has an average of 27,000 interactions this year.

“This is no ordinary downfall,” he told ‘7 Days TV’. Roy Lourenco, Digital Communications Specialist. “This country does not like to feel that people are insidious.. The country felt it and it was immediately reflected on social media. Cristina ceased to be the kind of lover of two people like Catarina Furtado, she was seen as someone who cheated,” said the expert, explaining that this would be the first reason for her fall. The second reason would be “overexposure.” The space that Cristina would have occupied on Social media to explain to people that it wasn’t infidelity was never so obvious You did something you can’t: overexpose. Suddenly, through TVI, Christina was everywhere. It was Christina, it was Christina, it was Christina […] He added that all this causes a shock wave that ends in its reflection on everything else.

to me CEO of OnStrategy Consultant Pedro Tavares, Reasons Decreased number of interactions It’s the “components of wonder and importance” that have slipped away.

“The rational element is based on themes associated with product, service, innovation or citizenship, and this is more so in the case of human brands. This justifies the decrease or increase, for example, in aspects related to liking, relevance and trust. In the case of personality itself, there is no betrayal to trust, But there is a break, yes, at least in the data we have, associated with likeability and importance,” He said.

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He stressed that “what came to justify that, I do not know.”

Compress these numbers to him A direct relationship with Christina’s advertising contracts on social media. The presenter risks seeing brands pay less for the same content they are already posting.

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