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Explosions and drone attacks behind the Russian front lines - VG

Explosions and drone attacks behind the Russian front lines – VG

Explosions and drone attacks far from the front line, including Crimea, show that Ukraine has the ability to attack Russian forces behind the front.


Russian news agencies RIA and Tass reported, according to Reuters and The Guardian, that Russian air defense may have hit missiles over the coastal city of Yevpatoria on the western coast of Crimea on Friday evening.

An official in Sevastopol, the main base of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet in Russia-occupied Crimea, said a drone was shot down on Saturday night and crashed onto the roof of the city’s naval headquarters.

The night before, several eruptions were also reported over Crimea, including in Sevastopol and Kerch at the entrance to the Long Bridge over the Sea of ​​Azov to the Russian mainland.

TASS also refers to the local occupation forces who reported that the Russian air defense had shot down six Ukrainian attack drones near the town of Nova Kakhovka, east of Russian-occupied Kherson.

Smoke rises from an attack on Crimea on August 9, 2022.

A week and a half ago, more than half of the combat aircraft of the Russian Black Sea Fleet were destroyed or disabled in huge explosions at the Saki Air Base on the coast of Crimea.

A week later, new large explosions occurred in an ammunition depot in the area, which the Russians admit may have been the work of Ukrainian saboteurs.

The British Ministry of Defense wrote in its latest update that neither Ukraine nor Russia made any particular progress in the past week.

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But recently, there have been more and more explosions behind the Russian front lines.

This is likely to create challenges for Russia’s logistical and air bases in the south, according to British intelligence.