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Expresso Platform: Big Games |  sad belinensis

Expresso Platform: Big Games | sad belinensis

Sporting spoke after the meeting in Jamor between Belenenses SAD – Benfica, asking for a “deep reflection” on the events that led the home team to enter the field with just eight players.

Lions talk about a “black ring in Portuguese football” distorting the tournament.

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“Sporting Clube de Portugal can only comment on what happened tonight at the National Stadium. What made this situation possible must deserve deep thought from all those who stand up for sporting truth and must deserve national attention at the highest level. It truly does deserve international attention. It constitutes another dark cycle in Portuguese football, which today is already tainted by the constant involvement in corruption suspicions.

Portuguese football as a whole is seriously damaged today, as are the clubs that are part of it and only fight on the field. What is happening has serious repercussions on the credibility of this tournament and the institutions that organize it. The situation cannot or should not leave anyone indifferent because in this way Portuguese football will not be taken seriously.

Sporting Lisbon is a club with values ​​and principles that will never abdicate and consider what happened to be a disgrace to Portuguese football.”

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