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Extensive search operation: - 1 child disappeared in the woods

Extensive search operation: – 1 child disappeared in the woods

While the mother was visiting a neighbor, she let her daughters play outside near the hut they were visiting. Then the older sister decided to follow her mother. 22-month-old Legudmila Kuzina decided to go another route.

In the forest near Tchomkinsky district, west of Moscow, in the Smolensk region of Russia.

Lyudmila stayed there for four long days without food or drink, BBC writes.

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Share 400 in the search

When the mother returned to the summer house and did not find the youngest daughter anywhere, she quickly reported it to the police.

Shortly after the letter reached the Russian police on Tuesday morning last week, they mobilized a large search engine to search for the girl, he writes. Police in Smolensk in a statement.

As time passed and the girl was not found, the search increased in intensity and scope.

Finally, the research crews, which included volunteers and emergency services from central, regional and local authorities, counted 400 people, according to the BBC.

Divers checked the waters, volunteers and police went to work.

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The break was crucial

In total, approximately 30 square kilometers of forest were researched and reviewed.

As the famous Soviet singer Bulat Okudzhava sang:

“Along the Smolensk road there is a forest, a forest, a forest.”

In the end, a break was crucial to the research process.

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– It will never happen again

Four kilometers from the hut, a group of search crews took a break. Then they heard a voice.

They found the girl under some twigs and covered in insect bites. Relaxed, hungry and thirsty, but alive.

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– Volunteers told me that they were not far from the same place already on the first day, says the mother, Antonina Kozina, according to the BBC.

On Friday last week, the mother and daughter were reunited. The moment was immortalized by the police in Smolensk.

– She is absolutely determined that she will never run away from her mother again, the mother continues, according to the BBC.

After four days alone in the woods, the girl was hospitalized, but now she is out of the hospital, came in a new statement to the police.